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Below are printable forms for your convenience. In general, when you come in for your consultation, you'll want to bring any documents(1099's, W-2's, K-1's) relating to income and expenses for the year along with your identification card and social security numbers of any dependents you may have.
Canceled checks, receipts or spreadsheets are acceptable for tax related expenses. This may include student, college, medical, dental, real estate taxes, mortgage interest, contributions, gifts to charities and daycare or childcare cost.

2011 Louisiana Payment Voucher
2011 IRS Payment Voucher
City Business Service Customer Packets
Personal and Corporate Income Tax Information to Bring
2012 Estimated Tax Voucher

Employer Forms
2011 W-4 Form
2011 W-9 Form
I-9 Form

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Below are helpful links regarding business and income tax:

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